Drawing is essential to any artist. Our mission is to make that available and free to all artists.
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Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Oct. 17th - November 21st
Fridays, 7pm-10pm
Oct 20th - Nov. 10th

Our Mission:

Make figure drawing available and affordable to all who seek artistic growth.

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The Way We See It

Drawing is the most basic form of artistic expression. It is this first indicator of a budding visual artist and is the most accessible format for all artists. With almost an unlimited range of mark making materials and canvas possibilities drawing has never been easier. We can be inspired by our world, our imaginations, and all the possibilities in between. But many artist, especially young artists, have trouble developing the experience working from the human figure.

In many areas there simply isn't access to a coordinated figure drawing program. Opportunities to draw the nude figure are either not available or held in university settings as part of a fine arts program. These programs are focused on the institutional requirements of a education track and not the needs of the artists and artist community. Dates, times, and locations are structured to fit the school day schedule. Leaving many interested artists without an option.

What We Can Add

The biggest difference that we are driving toward is creating a connected community of local artists. It starts with drawing, but we can see this spreading into additional areas of focus like painting and printmaking. A connected group can communicate and share, even motivate each other outside of the classroom. Our hope is to have a ripple effect. Creating more involved artists and more participation in local art events.


It's important for the drawing community to have strong leadership. Some people are great instructors and some are just motivational artists. We want to make it easy for these people to find each other and we want you sitting next to them in your next drawing sessions.