Drawing is essential to any artist. Our mission is to make that available and free to all artists.
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Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Oct. 17th - November 21st
Fridays, 7pm-10pm
Oct 20th - Nov. 10th

Figure Drawing Sessions

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What Should I Expect?

You should come prepared to have an experience. There is always a sense of fear and excitement when we step outside of our normal everyday experiences. Figure drawing is unlike any other academic drawing exercises. As you develop as a figurative artist you will have to find that connection between the models experience and your own. This can take many forms, empathizing with the model in a very difficult pose or even reflecting on the beauty or hardship of ones life as we move through our daily experiences.

We have found that many of our great moments in drawing happens when we are in the moment. Either channeling that connection, listening to the right song, or just having a great day can be the catalyst that puts you in a moment of inspiration.

What Should I Bring?

Drawing is unique. You can create marks with whatever medium you are investing your time in. But this is more of a section to let you about the standards of the facilities.

What Will Be Provided?

Both the MIAD and the UWM Open Figure Drawing rooms and facilitators are setup to handle the standard drawing experience. These facilities provide much of the following: *

  • Drawing Horses (Sitting & Standing)
  • Raised Model Platform
  • Organized Timed Poses (Starting with Gestures)
  • Model Breaks Every 50 Minutes
  • 3hr Sessions, Broke into 3 Parts
  • Bring Cash for Payment (NO CHECKS or CREDIT)
  • Fees are Collected During the First Break
  • Most Rooms are Equipped with Sinks
  • Some Facilities Offer Public Ventilation Spaces for Fixatives

NOTE: If you prefer to use a drawing board, consider providing your own board. The classes can start to fill early. Also be sure to get there early so you can get a close seat.

What Should I Avoid?

Everyone is looking for a great drawing and a unique experience, but these are a few things that can hamper another individual's experience:

  • Wet Media
  • Smelly Cleaners
  • Overly Loud Headphones
  • Cell Phones Ringing
  • Distractions (Talking and Excessive Noise)
  • Disrespecting the Model

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Additional Wisconsin Figure Drawing Sessions

More to come in a few days.

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View Milwaukee Figure Drawing - #mkedraw in a larger map

View Milwaukee Figure Drawing - #mkedraw in a larger map

* This information is not defined by any documentation, it's just considered best practice. Feel free to research each program, group, or session for more information.