Drawing is essential to any artist. Our mission is to make that available and free to all artists.
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Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Oct. 17th - November 21st
Fridays, 7pm-10pm
Oct 20th - Nov. 10th

MIAD's Open Figure Drawing

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First Time At MIAD?

Don't worry if your thinking about your first time attendance at MIAD's Tuesday Night Open Figure Drawing, there's always a first time for everything. The group of artist that attend are some of the areas most dedicated figurative artists. This is supported by MIAD's unique Drawing Program. This degree program is the smallest in the school, but is easily one of the most creative. Take a moment to wonder through the drawing studio hallways and you will see some exciting work. Inspiring you to get back in the seat and participate in the drawing experience.

Class Details:

  • Poses start at 7pm. This one fills up quick, get there 10-15 minutes early.
  • The drawing room is on the 3rd floor, Room 85. Yes there is an elevator in the middle of each floor.
  • Starting with gesture poses and slowly building to longer poses.
  • General Admission: $6 | MIAD student & Alumni: $3
  • Gets a bit dark, sit closer to the door if you need more light.

  • Models are fresh, and often differ from standard class models during the day.
  • Models are usually older with more experience nude modeling.

Location Details:

  • Parking can be tricky in the Third Ward. Get there early and consider parking on Erie St one block past MIAD.
  • Try to keep your vehicle in public sight. Many cars become vulnerable to theft when parked in shady areas.
  • Once in the building, get inspired by the student work, but save your time for the drawing studios.
  • It's polite to stay out of an artist's studio, but alright to look in.