Modern and historial art wouldn't be as interesting without amazing models (in our humble opinon). Our daily lives revolve around people and our social interactions. It is natural that as people we are fascinated by other people. Within art, it manifests as the artist and the muse.

Our daily interpersonal connections are obvious, but as a casual observer of art we can loose sight or context of the connection between artist and the subject. That connection is very much on display when we observation art and it is very real when artists are in the process of making art. It gets lost often or overlooked as the viewer is reacting to their own connection with the subject. By doing so the viewer skips over the artist and model connect and replaces it with their own. We could go on forever about that...

The Opportunity in being a Muse

To be a model in the life drawing world is a opportunity that most people don't ever experience. Many artists have played the part for a portrait study or a quick sketch for another artist, but that is not what we are focused on here. When we think of models and modeling we are referring to a person who has created their own art in modeling. Someone who is building a visual language with their body, posture, movement, and presence. It is important to think of the model in this way. The model is creating a connection with the artist and ultimately co-creating the space wherein the art is created, model is muse.

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Consider Modeling

Modeling is not for everyone. There is the obvious reasons, such as a availability or varying levels of nudity. But even so there are a few additional considerations like privacy, locations, and physical limitations. Physical limitaions might include the ability to stand for 30mins - 1hr, stiffness in muscles or joints, or even into positions. It can be a very physical role if you want it to be. Other factors like locations will most definately play a factor in exploring the modeling world. We are hoping to combat that with the additional information provided on this site.

My models, my human figures, are never like extras in an interior. They are the main theme of my work. I depend absolutely on my model...
Henri Matisse

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